In 1972 Rock 'N Roll group Humble Pie released a  song called "30 Days In The Hole" Washington Governor Jay Inslee was 21.  I don't know if he was a fan of the song or not but 48 years later he just sentenced the state to 30 more days on hold as we sink deeper in the hole.

The Governor's Stay At Home order has been extended from May 4th to May 31st.  Along the way he hopes to reopen the states businesses in four phases.  Examples of some of the phase-in could include curbside retail sales pickup, an expanded church attendance opportunity and possibly an auto industry recovery now facing its worst sales figures in 30 years.

An article in the Yakima Herald Republic (YHR) indicated Inslee needed to see progress in areas, " including COVID-19 hospital admissions, fatalities from the disease, the percentage of people in the hospital with COVID-19 like symptoms and the percentage of people testing positive."

With 70,700+ responses, 69.7% says NO.  Governor are you listening...Governor...Jay?



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