There is a lot of milk produced here in the Yakima Valley. The Yakima Valley region of central Washington (Benton, Franklin, Klickitat and Yakima counties) – with 90+ dairies and over 110,000 cows – is one of the largest dairy-producing areas in the nation.  Our state's cows are 4th in average milk produced per cow.  The Dairy industry is big business.

For years we've been told that milk does a body good.  Ok.  But what about your face?
EurekAlert reports that Brigham Young University researchers found people who drink low-fat milk (1% and skim) experience several years less biological aging than those who drink high-fat milk (2% and whole.)

Holy Cow.  But wait there's more.

There seems to be a "fountain of youth" component to cow's milk.  Those who drank no cow milk of any kind had more biological aging compared to those who consumed low-fat milk. Researchers conclude that drinking milk isn't a bad thing but consumers should be more aware of the health impacts and benefits of the kind of milk you choose to drink.





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