Investigators say a Utah man turned himself in to Yakima police Friday and provided information that led authorities to his girlfriend's dead body.

Steven Grey is now a murder suspect in the death of 44-year-old Jennifer Brackenbury.

Police in Orem, Utah received word from Yakima Police this past Friday that Grey had turned himself in.

Utah investigators say Steven Grey told the Yakima Police Department there was a body inside his trailer near Salt Lake City.

When police arrived at the trailer, they found the body of Grey's girlfriend and say she was stabbed several times. The two had lived together.

Authorities believe the victim was killed between Saturday and Tuesday and was dead for a few days before she was found.

Grey is from Washington, although it is not clear whether he is from Yakima, police said. After the murder, police tell us that Grey drove from Utah to Yakima.

Utah detectives are now traveling to Yakima to begin the extradition process.

Grey is currently booked into Yakima County Jail and will also face obstruction charges for fleeing Utah.  He is expected to appear in Yakima County Superior Court Today.