Just as we're nearing the wrap-up of Girl Scout Cookie season, typically January through early March, comes the word of a growing problem with puckered-up patrons getting scammed.

Now, the Girl Scouts are among the most honored and trusted sales reps around, but there are some who take advantage of our infatuation with the delectable treats and our desire to support Girl Scouts, and the Better Business Bureau in parts of the US have issued warnings.

Fake Girl Scout Cookie Sellers Take Money but Don't Deliver Cookies

Numerous examples of this heinous crime crop up every year around the country. Someone stops by a home or office, or calls on the telephone, purportedly representing Girl Scouts and offering to take cookie orders. Nothing wrong with that is there?

Not necessarily, but you want to make sure you know who you're dealing with. If they cannot properly identify themselves or you don't know them, you may want to think twice before offering upfront payment for cookies. The latest scam is to take orders, collect cash or credit card information, or simply offer to accept payment through a cash app. What happens next is, well, nothing. The seller is never heard from again and the cookies never show up.

How to be Sure You're Dealing With Actual Girl Scouts to Buy Cookies

This part is easy. Just do what you always have done. Buy Girl Scout cookies from someone you know - like a co-worker's daughter - or the Girl Scout who has set up outside of your favorite grocery store with their mom - or the neighborhood Girl Scout who stops by and knocks on your door each year. They'll have plenty of information, and perhaps even a sample or two to munch on.

Since we're getting down to the wire for the Girl Scout Cookies selling season in most parts of the country, you can visit the Girl Scout website to search for Cookie sellers in your area by zip code. HERE.

Favorite Girl Scout Cookies in Washington, Oregon, and California

According to a map created by Influenster, both Oregon and California prefer Thin Mints over all other Girl Scout Cookies. That's not unusual, as many states reportedly do too.

Washington, on the other hand, prefers Caramel deLites/Samoas. This rings true with me as a Washingtonian, and I frequently say after eating one of those delicious cookies, 'I think I'll have some-moa'. Amid the rolling eyes and groans of those around me, I'll then shove another one in my mouth.

Is The Purchase of Girl Scout Cookies a Tax-Deductable Donation?

Please check with your tax professional here, because I am not one, but, no, purchasing the Girl Scout Cookies isn't tax deductible since you're receiving something in exchange for your contribution.

However, if you purchase the cookies and then donate them back to the Girl Scout Troop to sell again, (which many people do) or donate them to another legit charitable organization like a food bank or homeless shelter, or church food pantry, then you can get a tax deduction for the donation of the cookies at the full purchase price.

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