A Yakima Development company is hoping you'll get involved in making Yakima look great with a campaign called "Get Yakima Out of the Weeds." Officials at Yakima's Hogback Development Company are encouraging people to pick a spot to weed and beautify somewhere in the city.
Company officials started the campaign about three weeks ago as a way to get poeple outside and as a way to help make the city look great. You'll find information at the Hogback Development Company Facebook page. You can pick a spot or call the company and they'll suggest a spot for you to clean up. You're encouraged to take before and after pictures and post on the company Facebook page and they'll reward you with a $25 gift card. They say it's not about the weeds. It's not about the property. It's about reminding people what it feels like to be altruistic and how good it feels to put others before self.

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