And now the moment we've all been waiting for, or at least millions and millions have been waiting for...the final season of "Game of Thrones." Sunday night was Season 8, Episode 1, and as the president might say, it was huuugge!  Perhaps as many as 1 billion people worldwide tuned in!  But what will they have as memories from HBO's latest visual phenomenon when the last dragon is killed, the ice is melted and the throne is claimed?
Easy. Just look at the family photo and look at the kids' names!

People love "Game of Thrones" so much that they are naming their kids after characters from the hit show.

BabyCenter released date detailing that a few names from the HBO series has jumped in popularity from last year through the first quarter of 2019. The name Olenna is up 71% and Ellaria is up 53% this year.

Meanwhile, Jorah is up 36% from last year and Tyrion is up 20% from last year. The name Stark is up 9% from 7,592 to 6,937 and Khalessi is up 7% on the list.

Not to mention my personal nickname -- The Ice King!


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