The city of Yakima doesn't have a permanent homeless camp. It does have Camp Hope but it's considered a temporary camp located near the city wastewater treatment plant on east Nob Hill Blvd. In order for the camp to be considered temporary it must vacate every 6 months for two weeks. Camp directors were surprised when the deadline to move came up last Friday and they apparently didn't adequately prepare for another place for people to stay. The camp was allowed to stay open over the weekend. Camp officials say they've worked out an agreement with the Yakama Nation that allows those at the camp to stay a a winter shelter in Toppenish. Camp officials are providing transportation to the lower valley. Camp Hope is Yakima will re-open on June 30.

The city does have plans to open a permanent shelter on property in Terrace Heights but it's near the Yakima Greenway Pathway and Greenway officials have filed a lawsuit hoping to stop the plan. The Growth Management Hearings board will take up the issue on September 10.

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