Autumn Torres wants your vote for the 3rd District Yakima County Commission office.

It's a big job covering a lot of ground with the District Three running north of Selah, up into a significant portion of the Yakima Training Center, and down south to include the lower valley cities.
Norm Childress was elected to the 3rd Dist. office in the general election of November 2018, but unfortunately, he passed away mid-term.  An appointment process followed and Sunnyside Hospital Director of Medical Staff Services, LaDon Linde was named to the position. He is the incumbent and Autumn Torres's opponent in the upcoming election. The two faced off in the August Primary and Linde beat Torres by just 278 votes.
Torres said she is running to make Yakima a better place and to fight for the rights and the liberty of all Yakima residents.  She is a definite NO vote on mandates and believes people should have the right to refuse the vaccine without losing their job.
She's spent a great deal of time speaking with area residents and she reports many of them are frustrated with our national election integrity, personal safety, the rise in crime, concern over taxes, and the mandate to get vaccinated or lose your job.
What really bothers Torres is the lack of consideration or inclusion in the regulatory conversation of people who have recovered from Covid and now have natural immunity.
Here is our interview with Yakima County Commission District 3 candidate Autumn Torres.

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