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While the number of auto thefts is dropping in the city of Yakima, car theft is still a problem. So Yakima Police are starting the "Watch My Car" program as of March 1.

Spokesman Mike Bastinelli says it's simple: You sign up at, get a special sticker and place the sticker on your car.

"We all know auto theft is a problem," Bastinelli says. "It won't be solved overnight. But if we can get more people involved it will act as a deterrent."

If an officer spots the sticker on your vehicle between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m., the officer will get behind the vehicle and have dispatch call the registered owner to see if the car should be out on the street at that time.

If the answer is no, the driver is stopped to see if it's a stolen car. If it's OK, the officer won't stop the vehicle.

For details on the program -- or to sign up -- go The free program starts on March 1.

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