For the 10th straight year, dog owners can take a dip with their pooch as part of "Paws in the Pool." Franklin Pool will close out the summer swim season on Aug. 28 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. with the annual event.

Admission is free for dogs, but  their masters will have to purchase a general admission ticket. Prices are $2 for kids, $3.75 for adults, and $2.25 for honored citizens. A family pass (two adults and as many as four kids) is priced at $13.

The event serves as an outreach for the Humane Society of Central Washington as well. Society staff will be there to accept donations of money or supplies, including pet food, towels, laundry soap, bleach, and kitty litter. The Humane Society, is a nonprofit organization that provides services like pet adoption, animal control, pet owner education, and quality animal care.
When first arriving for "Paws In the Pool", dogs need to be kept on leashes. However, once inside the fenced-in area around the pool, dogs are free to do as they please and enjoy a day of swimming fun!

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