Former Yakima resident, conservative political activist, and County Commission candidate Lisa Homer was recently arrested in Colorado for her participation in the January 6th break-in at the Capitol in Washington DC.

Lisa Homer Update

She called into the KIT Morning News to explain some of the details of her involvement.  The first thing she wants people to know is that she is physically ok and she is not in custody.  She says she is free to move between Colorado, Arizona where she has a home, and Washington Stats where she receives medical attention for a previous injury.

Homer says the charges against her are misdemeanors for illegal picketing, disorderly conduct, and entering the U.S. Capitol building.   From a report posted online by the Program on Extremism at George Washington University -- Target, Lisa Anne HOMER (née Boisselle), was identified as an individual who entered the Capitol Building for approximately one hour. During that time, she moved extensively throughout the building, but there is no evidence, at this time, that she destroyed any property or assaulted any law enforcement officers. 

The Case and Conversation Don't Reflect Reality

The case is in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., under U.S. Magistrate Judge G. Michael Harvey and a trial is expected in February pending other negotiations.

Homer told us that despite her responding to crowd cheers directed by a Proud Boy leader, she has no connection with the Proud Boys Organization and her participation was spontaneous and unplanned.  She says she has been to Washington DC in the past for rallies and was mostly was just trying not to get trampled by the crowd.

Why The Warrior Look?

In explaining her appearance in photos taken at the event, Homer says she has a lingering brain injury and PTSD which is why she was wearing a helmet and the goggles were put on in response to a police officer telling her to"gear up" if she could because pepper spray was about to be deployed.  Homer assured us at 5'2" and 100+ pounds she wasn't there as a physical threat to anyone.

Lisa Homer says she loves her country and is concerned for its future.  She promised to check in with KIT from time to time and let us know what's going on with her case.

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