A 36-year-old former Yakima resident who was charged with the murder of three people in Yakima in 2011 has been arrested in Kirkland for a near fatal stabbing of a woman at a Kirkland home. Police say 36-year-old Kevin Harper from Arlington stabbed the woman at her home on Sunday night. Harper was arrested on Monday for attempted murder, robbery and attempted kidnapping.
In 2011 Harper, formerly of Yakima was charged with murder for killing 3 members of the Goggin family in West Valley.  Problems with the case prevented prosecutors from convincing the court to dismiss a plea deal to lesser charges so the murder charges could be reinstated. As a result Harper was sentenced on unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of stolen property charges.
Harper was released from prison in July 2017. He's now being held in the King County Jail on attempted murder and other charges in connection with the Sunday stabbing.
Many in Yakima still believe he killed Bill and Pauline Goggin and his 98-year-old mother, Bettye, during a burglary at their home.

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