I am not a foodie.  I mean I like to eat...a little too much, but I am not an adventurous eater.

Far from it, but I know many of you are so let me tell you about a food truck that even I can understand is AWESOME!

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It's the What I Crave food truck and having tried them out a couple of times, well, I give them two thumbs up, or I would give them two thumbs up but I need those thumbs to hold on to two plates of their fantastic food!

What Are The Ingredients For Success

What does it take to be awesome in the food truck business?  I would say, variety, quality, affordability, and personality.

Let's start with variety and the menus.  That's right, menus plural!

What I Crave offers an Asian menu with Pork Banh Mi, Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry, and Beef Bulgogi Lettuce Wraps.

attachment-asian menu

If you crave Tacos, then What I Crave has what you crave - six times over!  Southwest Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, BBQ Pork, Hawaiian Pork, Dynamite Shrimp, and Carne Asada.

They offer a vegetarian/vegan options menu and my favorite -though it might be the arch-enemy of the vegan menu- it's the meat sliders menu!  Seven different slider combinations with a variety of cheeses, sauces, and topping ingredients. Heck, you can even try all seven for just 22 bucks!  Not to mention drinks (including Italian Cream Sodas) and unique desserts featuring flavored donut rounds cheesecake tacos!

Are the Prices Right

The prices are super affordable with most items running from $3 to $8, the quality is fantastic and the personality starts with the fun of the distinctive big red truck and ends with the smiles and genuine gratitude of the cook and crew.

attachment-what I crave Taco truck

What I Crave was invited to the Townsquare Media parking lot today because our generous boss decided to spring for lunch to show his appreciation for all that we do. (He's cool like that--thanks Nik)

I asked owner Crystal Ehninger where we might find her truck and crew on a regular basis and she said she was "the most elusive food truck in the valley"!  She doesn't have a regular location or regular hours so she encourages everyone to follow her availability on the What I Crave facebook page and website.

Believe me, it will be worth the search!

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