A convicted felon from Yakima with an extensive rap sheet got out of jail for a day and has not been back seen since. He is suspected of committing new crimes. Jacob Lucey, 29, has nearly a dozen convictions under his belt. Yakima police say more are on the way. Police say Lucey committed his latest crime at East I and N Streets near 4th Street stealing a car at gunpoint. Police have not seen him since. Lucey should not have been able to commit that crime at all. He was supposed to be behind bars awaiting sentencing.

But the judge looked past his record and took pity on Lucey. He was granted a furlough allowing Lucey to be free for 24 hours.  Lucey claimed his mother was dying. However, he was nowhere to be found when the 24 hours was up. Court papers reveal both the prosecutor’s office and Lucey’s public defender agreed to the furlough. Lucey is wanted once again and Yakima is left at risk until he is caught. Police say Lucey committed the armed robbery early Sunday morning.