The news of the day...sometimes it just makes you want to scream!

In 1976 actor Peter Finch played the character of an acclaimed anchor at the UBS Evening News named Howard Beale in the movie Network. (Finch won an Oscar for his portrayal)

Beale is in a melt down over personal issues as well as suffering through the frustrations over the societal decline he sees across the country.  (You know, similar to the the social decline we see around us today!)

At one point in a rant he encourages his viewers to go their windows, open them up and yell out to the world that they are "mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore!"

So if the news of the day makes you want to scream, maybe you should.  Healthy venting from stress of any kind is a good thing.  Popular Science checked in with Avi Klein, a psychotherapist, who says, “I think every emotion that we feel has a kind of correlating action that goes along with it. It feels really good or even healthy to discharge that emotion."


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