We often hear of tragic stories about a child who died because of fallen furniture, and sadly, one child has died. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued the recall of that furniture product and also given a recall for a popular kid's bike.

Both of these items have been sold in Washington, so I wanted to spread the word for families to be on the lookout.

I'm such a worry-wort. When my now 13-year-old child was about two years of age, worried all the time about her falling off balconies or sticking her finger into a hot socket, or climbing up on a piece of furniture that fell over and crushed her to death.

She also had a bike with training wheels but thankfully, she never fell off the bike and its parts were pretty solidly attached.


The REI bike recall was issued by the department on Thursday, June 27th, and affects all models made from 2022-2024. The children's bicycle training wheels assembly knob can come off and cause minor injuries to kids. This has already happened to four children, thus the recall.

If you have one of these models, the Safety Commission says to call your local REI store in Washington state and ask them to schedule you a free repair. There are 11 REI locations in Washington.

Because the injuries to children can be minor and bicycle can be easily repaired, REI will be happy to replace the attachments on your training wheels. You can also request a free repair kit online.

REI Training Wheels Kit
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Dania Furniture and the Consumer Safety Commission have issued a recall of their Hayden bookcase. It was sadly reported that an unsecured bookcase in one family's home tipped over and their child was entrapped and died--which I already told you was one of my worst nightmares when my teenager was a wee toddler!

Dania Furniture
Dania Furniture Lynnwood via Google Street View

There are five Dania Furniture locations in Washington state:

  • Kirkland
  • Lynnwood
  • Spokane
  • Tacoma
  • Tukwila

Hayden bookcases that were bought between November 2017 through February 2024 should be checked to make certain they're anchored to the wall. You can contact Dania Furniture directly and ask to get an in-home installation of the tip-over restraint kit at no charge.

Here are other recent recalls to look out for:

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