Scammers are busy in Yakima searching for victims in many different areas including scamming people because of concerns about COVID-19 and scams around the $1400 stimulus checks. The scammers also are trying some of the old scams that have been around for years including the Social Security scam.
Some people in Yakima say they've recently received calls about Social Security cards. It's a scam that the Yakima County Sheriff's Office first warned about in 2019.
Scammers leave a message saying they're from the IRS. They leave a voicemail saying your Social Security number has been suspended. They urge you to press one for more information. The IRS says that's not how they operate and that social security numbers are never suspended. The scammers demand payment either through the phone or through a gift card to correct the situation.
Authorities say it's a scam and if you get the call don't call back and never ever give out any of your financial or personal information over the phone.
IRS officials says employees would never threaten or intimidate people to get information. They say if that happens just hang up because it's a fraudulent call.
Social Security officials say they may email or text you about programs and services, but they'll never ask you to return calls to an unknown number. Social Security officials also say they only "send emails or text messages if you have opted in to receive them and only in limited situations.
When you have subscribed with Social Security to receive updates and notifications by text or email. As part of Social Security’s enhanced security when accessing your personal my Social Security account.

If you think you've been contacted by a scammer about Social Security call the Social Security Fraud Hotline at 1-800-269-0271."

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