What’s the well dressed protester wearing at today’s campus burning?  When the Trumpsters gather to gloat, what kind of fashion will we find?  The fashion forward website Racked.com predicts fashion choices for the rest of 2017 that are likely to include clothing and accessories that are loud and colorful, or have a heavy focus on being eco-friendly.

So once again, it looks like I will be well out of style.  While I may not look the part, I can still tell you about it, so here’s what else Racked.com says is headed our way.

--"A return to artisan craftsmanship ….old school stuff that translates into “quilts with colorful slogans, jackets with bold graphics and menswear with Asian, Middle Easter and African textile designs”

--"Optimism revealed as "a bizarre exploration in psychedelic surf and grandpa grunge with lots of rainbows of pretty happy colors”

--“Wearing clothes that don't take an undue toll on the planet. That means organics, sustainably made clothing, or pieces designed with experimental fabrics”

--And this one I like – “Expect a "return-to-roots' movement as ideas of classic menswear are viewed through a lens of inclusivity and comfort…getting much more relaxed so that tailored clothing can have a place among our new, more casual and athletic wardrobes”

Tell you what, call me when blue jeans and T-shirt are back on the runway, til then....

'Glamour' Beauty Awards 2017

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