A bill introduced in the Senate last week would require drone operators to prove they understand aviation regulations. The bill would set policy for the FAA and includes a requirement for unmanned fliers to pass an online test. The measure is one of several provisions designed to improve drone safety following many reports of unmanned aircraft flying too close to traditional planes and helicopters. The bill would also beef up the FAA’s enforcement of violations, require safety features and fund programs to intercept drones near airports.

Cargill has announced plans to reduce antibiotic use in some feedlots by 20%. The change applies to what the meat industry describes as “shared-class antibiotics,” or drugs that are medically important to both humans and animals. Recently, Cargill phased out growth-promoting and shared-class antibiotics for its turkeys and pigs in the wake of the FDA’s increasingly tighter restrictions on the use of antibiotics in farm animals. Cargill has stated that it’s committed to “research and innovation focused on reducing the need to use antibiotics while maintaining our commitment to animal welfare.”