**American Robotics, a leading developer of fully-automated commercial drone systems, has become the first company approved by the FAA to operate automated drones without human operators on-site.

American Robotics CEO, Reese Mozer tells

www.agrimarketing.com with this set of approvals, we can begin safely operating our automated Scout platform for the benefit of many industries, including agriculture.

The real-time analytics from Scout Systems empowers farmers, agronomists, and others to accurately track the health and status of their operations, at a resolution and frequency not previously possible.


**BASF is arming cereal growers with a powerful new seed treatment to combat wireworms.

TeraxxaTM seed treatment will offer growers what no other currently registered treatment can … wireworm mortality.

Recently registered by the EPA, this new product will be available for the 2021 growing season.

Wireworm larvae in different life stages are active in wheat fields as they become pupae and adult click beetles.

**Efforts to grow the local-meat business in California have been hampered by a lack of processing facilities.

Now, a group of 16 Bay Area ranchers is tackling the problem by forming a cooperative, called, fittingly, the Bay Area Ranchers Cooperative, to raise enough money to purchase a mobile facility for processing animals for local sale.

They say demand for local meat has picked up during the pandemic, but there aren’t enough small meatpackers to meet demand.

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