Correcting what it considers a misreading of its 2015 draft report on hydraulic fracking, the EPA has released a final report it says “provides scientific evidence that hydraulic fracturing activities can impact drinking water resources in the U.S.”

The American Petroleum Institute is blasting what it calls the EPA's “abandonment of science,” saying it’s beyond absurd for the EPA to reverse course on its way out the door.

Meantime, the man tapped by President-elect Donald Trump as Interior Secretary, first-term Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke, has bucked his GOP colleagues over public lands issues while supporting expanded energy development.

Trump says the former Navy SEAL “has built one of the strongest track records on championing regulatory relief, forest management, responsible energy development and public land issues.”

Zinke has however supported energy development on federal lands and voted to block some endangered species protections, but has won praise from conservationists.


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