Oh what a tangled web.   Stay with me as I try to hook these ideas together, just  for fun,

1.) One of the medical signs of COVID-19 is, oddly, a loss of sense of taste, right?

2.) The COVID-19 lock down is depressing, right?

3.) So in an effort NOT to lose your sense of taste you lock down, you get depressed and guess what happens?

4.) In your depression you "emotionally eat" and then guess what happens?

5.) Not only do you NOT lose your sense of taste but it seems to be enhanced and the  food actually tastes BETTER when you're depressed!  You follow me?

German researchers found that “emotional eaters”—or those who eat more when they’re sad or depressed —thought food tasted better and had a larger appetite when they were feeling negative emotions. (which explains the extra weight so many of us are piling up while being locked down!
Researchers say the hope is the findings from this study can help identify people at risk of developing an eating disorder and help discover new treatment techniques.
But for now, take heart that your quest to avoid COVID-19 could turn you into a fan of your own cooking!

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