Tomorrow is World Sleep Day so we are wondering -- Would you describe yourself more as an "Early Bird" or as a "Night Owl"?  For the record, men are more likely to be early birds, while women identify more heavily as night owls.

Fox News reports on a survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Sleepopolis of 2,000 Americans who were split evenly between self-identifying as early birds and night owls. The findings are quite interesting. Check them out and see if you or folks you know line up with your fellow birds of a feather.

Early Birds:

  • Sleep seven hours a night
  • Have sex three times a week; more likely to be married
  • Average income: $42 thousand – $4,000 more than night owls
  • More likely to work in an office and always be late for work
  • More likely to use Facebook
  • More likely to have high-quality sleep
  • Describe themselves as clean, confident, energetic, friendly, happy, organized and sociable
  • Hobbies include cooking, walking/hiking, playing sports and exercising at the gym
  • More likely to believe in love at first sight and have tried online dating
  • More likely to talk, snore and move around in their sleep
  • Wake up at 6:15 a.m.

Night Owls:

  • Sleep six hours a night
  • Have sex twice a week; more likely to be single
  • Average income: $38 thousand – $4,000 less than early birds
  • Less likely to work in an office
  • More likely to use Instagram
  • More likely to have trouble falling asleep
  • Describe themselves as perfectionists, sarcastic and shy
  • Hobbies include reading and sleeping
  • More likely to believe in ghosts and cryptids (Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, etc.)
  • More likely to prefer sleeping with pets on the bed
  • Go to bed at 2:55 a.m.

“More important than being a night owl or an early bird is making sure to have a consistent sleep schedule and get enough rest,” said Logan Block, the director of content at Sleepopolis. “With World Sleep Day approaching, it’s a nice time to reflect on our sleeping habits."

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