Yakima Police Department has s in many places around the Yakima Valley dealing with drug possession and dealing in the Yakima Valley. However, They can't do all of the work, a large part of the problem starts when you least expect it.

Kids are looking to grow up faster and faster with every passing day. Some make mistakes they can't take back including trying drugs they think may just be for fun or will be safe in the right setting.

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The Yakima Police Department recently made a rather large bust taking down a dealer with intent to sell, with over $7,000 in cash and 77,000 pills of fentanyl, cocaine, and firearms.

This just means there are more of them out there selling the same drugs to our friends, family, and children. The dangerous drug that was seized is the Fentanyl, commonly laced in many of today's drugs, it's more dangerous than ever.

Fentanyl is used to treat severe pain, mainly given to cancer patients to help relieve pain. Since the early 2010's overdoses caused by fentanyl were usually from it being laced with other known "party drugs."

This has led to overdoses skyrocketing not just in Washington but across the country, it's more important than ever to sit our kids down and talk to them about not only the dangers of these drugs but the permanent consequences they could be facing. With the epidemic continuing and seeing no stop insight it takes us doing our part at home. If you see anything suspicious such as dealer activity contact your local authorities and let them handle it.

If you notice your child is acting euphoric, slow, or showing any signs of drug use there are plenty of places that are willing to help you and your family. We'll list a couple of places below to help if you're already looking.

Washington State Drug Take-back Program

Newport Acadamy Teen Rehab & Mental Health center

Restore Troubled Teens Rehab Center


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