For years explorers and adventures, warriors and entrepreneurs have searched for the elixir of life.  The one liquid that could add years to one's existence.  They searched jungles and mountainsides, obscure villages in remote regions and dodged poisoned darts, quicksand and dangerous beasts what they could have done is just visit a Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts!

JAMA Internal Medicine conducted a study by looking at 500,000 people over three decades with 387,494 of the participants being coffee drinkers.  People in the two to five cups of coffee per day crows were 12% less likely to die over the 10 year period.  Those who drank six to eight cups a day were 16% less likely to die early and those who drank eight or more were 14% less likely to die early.

The research study as reported in  The Richest indicates that it didn't matter if the coffee was caffeinated or decaf.

So when you raise a glass and toast "to a long life",  perhaps you should put down the Patron and find some Folgers!

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