Doug Betterall says he expects to hear from local or state health officials about Sunday's race and Loren Culp for Governor rally at the Yakima Speedway. Betterall, the operator of the track and owner of Betterall Auto Sales in Yakima says a state official from Spokane asked him to stop the "illegal" event early Sunday morning saying the only way it could go forward was not have people in the stands.
Betterall refused. He tells KIT News he told the state health official that people had already planned for the event and that he couldn't keep losing money as the operator of the track. Betterall says they took all the precautions. Everyone was asked to wear a mask and temperatures were taken at the gate before entering the Yakima Speedway.
The health official took pictures and left the event. Betterall says he expects to hear from state officials sometime this week and says he could be faced with a fine. He says if that happens confident he has plenty of support in Yakima to face the consequences.
Betterall says he has no regrets and is happy people were able to enjoy racing and the Loren Culp Rally on Sunday.

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