In pursuit of the fountain of youth and a longer life, millions of us have struggled to choke down five helpings of fruit and vegetables each day. Admittedly, others have found the task much tastier and a whole lot easier.  Now British researchers have doubled down on new analysis that says the greatest benefit comes from eating  not five but Ten portions of fruits and vegetables a day.

CBS News ran the math and concludes that if we all this amount --equal to about 28 ounces-- approximately 7.8 million premature deaths worldwide could be prevented. That’s a pretty amazing return on investment in green beans, blueberries, broccoli and kale!

Time Magazine also reported on the analysis an breaks it out this way:  there would be a 24% lower risk of heart disease, 33% lower risk of stroke, 28% lower risk of cardiovascular disease, 13% lower risk of cancer, and a 31% lower risk of dying early when compared to not eating any fruit or vegetables.

For perspective, 10 portions equal 800 grams of fruits and vegetables a day and one medium apple is around 182 grams.

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