Some things should just be common sense. But then, if common sense were, in fact "common," we wouldn't be writing and talking about toilet paper shortages, would we?

So, that having been said, if you are among the many sent home from work to hunker down, you'll probably be cooking more and eating more leftovers.

Here's what Yahoo says you need to know (common sense) about dealing with leftover grub.

Question No. 1: How long is it safe to eat leftovers? The USDA says a general rule of thumb is that if the chuck roast has been in your fridge for more than four days, it’s time to chuck it. (Not limited to chuck roasts)

The experts say frozen foods can be kept indefinitely as long as they don’t thaw, but the USDA recommends storing dishes that way for up to four months. If you plan on freezing your meals, place them in shallow containers or gallon-sized resealable bags with the ingredients flattened out so it freezes faster. Doing this can also help prevent bacteria from growing within the dishes.

Once you’re ready to eat your food, make sure you reheat it to 165 degrees Fahrenheit to kill off any potential bacteria. The last thing we want is people getting caught by bacteria as they try to dodge a virus.

If you have any meals that are easily made and store well, let us know!

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