Mike Johnson is the Executive Director of Yakima's Union Gospel Mission and over the last two years he's become one of our favorite guests.  He's very smart, he has great sense of humor, and while he really is an expert on homeless and recovery issues, his take and analysis on a variety local and national issues is always thought provoking  If he's involved in a project or event, we want to promote it.

Yakima's medical college, Pacific North West University of Health Sciences is one of our favorite institutions, so when PNWU teams up with UGM, well then, W-A-A-I !       (We Are All In)


The Mission runs on tight budget, relying a lot on the generosity of the kind and caring, generous people of the Yakima Valley and of course that includes you awesome KIT listeners.  The UGM successful thrift stores carry the burden of covering the mission's administrative costs but the mission can always use donated help with toiletries like shampoo, soap, deodorant, baby wipes, etc. and other personal type items for the  individuals and families living at the mission.

Catherine "CAT" McCulley works at PNWU and she serves as chair of the PNWU staff's Service & Social Engagement Committee which as part of their commitment to give back to the community, decided to be the staging area and drop off point for community donations for the mission.

The hands off, COVID protocol following, drop off zone will welcome you Saturday from 9am to noon at the  PNWU Terrace Heights location, Butler-Haney Hall, 200 University Pkwy.  McCully says, "follow the cones, you can't miss us."    And we hope you will.

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