I was in Vancouver, WA this weekend to visit my grandkids (Jackson and Ella -super cute, right?) and of course we went to the park.  It’s a great park by the way, filled with kids, families, music and dogs!  Lots and lots of dogs and I couldn’t help but notice many of them were pretty chunky! (Lot’s of chunk owners too, but I have no standing to talk there!)

It did raise the question of just how much do pet owners really know about how much exercise your needs to stay healthy?

The Sun on line https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4319339/nearly-half-of-all-dog-owners-dont-know-how-much-exercise-their-pooch-needs/ reports that researchers from M&S Bank in the U.K. asked 2,000 dog owners and found that about 40 percent didn't know how much their dog needs, and more than 10 percent are failing to meet the recommended exercise requirements.

There are dog therapists (really) who say there are four key elements to make a dog happy including physiological, safety, belonging, and esteem needs.  (dog esteem needs??  Yup! Remember when Neuticles first hit the market?)

Dog shrinks says that exercise is as a vital component of canine happiness, as are “seeing its owner walk through the door + cuddles + treats + two walks in the park a day.  (The Sun)

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