Do you remember these viral video moments about Yakima, Washington?

As we enter Springtime in 2022, it is fun to take a look back at some of that is belgica events that were captured on video and posted to YouTube. These four videos below have massive amounts of views and you'll probably recognize some of them. Let's let's take a look back at some of the most viral videos on YouTube about Yakima, Washington.

This is a video showing the huge rift in the Rattlesnake Ridge in Yakima. I remember when this happened and people had to move out of their houses in fear that the land beneath their home would be ripped into pieces by the harsh elements of nature.

This viral video about Yakima is from the Yakima Chamber of Commerce. It has over 72,000 views, and showcases the beauty that can be found in this abundant land of the Pacific Northwest.

This next video quickly gained popularity and went viral when it showed highlights of reels from Yakima, Washington in the 1950s. It Is so trippy to see the differences in the time lapse from the buildings to locations to the scenery.

Do you remember when the group I Heart Yakima was launched? They released a video commercial in hopes of extending excitement encouraging folks to visiti and love Yakima throughout the world. There was some controversy over the commercial for It's lack of highlighting the diversity of culturesin our region, and the leaders of I Heart Yakima were made aware of these concerns and vowed to change the perception.

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Take a Pic of Yourself in Yakima at One of these 74 Mural Selfie Walls

Did you know that the city of Yakima, Washington, has over seventy-four (74) murals that would make for a fantastic place to get your sightseeing selfie? You've no doubt taken quite a few selfies in front of popular landmarks and selfie wallls.

Keep your eyes out for one of our unique photo-op murals to add to your collection in your social media pics, and stop and take a memorable selfie of yourself in the heart of Yakima!

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