Snack Food Association Begins Annual Expo Of Goodies
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Happy Cinco de Mayo 2020!  Look at all the colorful costumes and decorations, listen to the sounds of the Spanish guitar, trumpet and accordion while enjoying the aroma of all that mouthwatering, great tasting ....wait.  I'm dreaming.  It's 2020 and all of the big Cinco de Mayo celebrations are shutdown.

History tells us Cinco de Mayo is an annual celebration held on May 5 to commemorate the Mexican Army's victory over the French Empire under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862.

Today the battle is all of us against the Coronavirus and family gatherings and community celebrations are among the victims.

Time to stage a skirmish of your own by bringing the tastes of Cinco de Mayo to your own home and the good folks at Southern Recipes Small Batch want to help.

This from their website:

"Along with the rest of the world, we’ve been carefully monitoring the current crisis. We take the mission we’ve been called to in this current state of America very seriously: (1) Making product that keeps you happy and fed. (2) Staying on retailer shelves, so you know you can count on us.

Know that we’re here for you. Know that we’re working hard to get you the comfort food you crave and the snacks you rely on to make it through the day. Just as we have for more than 65 years, we’ll continue to make pork rinds that fuel your sense of adventure… your love for food… your low carb lifestyle… heck, even your inner child."

We had a visit with a spokesperson for Southern Recipes Small Batch about how to use Pork Rinds to add a little zip to foods and drink.  He shared a number of interesting recipes where just replacing certain ingredients with pork rinds can make all the difference with tangy and exciting new flavors.

To wash down those pork rind delights you'll probably need a margarita... or two.

House Method ran the numbers to find out which states can make the least expensive margaritas at home " According to our research, Arizona offered the cheapest way to make your own margarita at $2.01, $0.55 cheaper than the national average of $2.56.

 The western part of the country proved to be the cheapest area to make a margarita, with Arizona, California, Washington--$2.31, and Nevada all making the top 10."

The deep south proved the most expensive with 5 of the top ten coming from below the Mason-Dixon line. Arkansas the priciest at $3.00 per drink.



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