Dive Bar Fridays: A Foodie Tour Series

We love Yakima Valley dive bars for the atmosphere, the drinks, and the FOOD! Going to a dive bar has always been a fun place to mix in with the locals, relax, and unwind. We have a bunch of great local dive bars and I want to showcase as many of them as I can in a fun way. “Reesha’s Dive Bar Fridays Foodie Tour” will take you to bars located in the Yakima Valley, from the edges of Selah all the way down to Grandview, Washington.

Now, if you were to take a foodie tour of all of the local dive bars in the Yakima Valley located off of every exit on I-82 East, you’d be busy all year long. Fun Fact: I used to belong to a “club” filled with a creative, fun, and rambunctious group we called “Dive Bar Fridays”. We had a blast enjoying dive bar food and a beer for lunch. Looking back, it seems as though I spent a lifetime together with this group as friends (even though I had just met them a few weeks before I joined their group). Life has kept us all busy and over a decade later, our family circumstances have all changed (kids, new wives, ex-husbands, and the like). Yet because of our jovial dive bar experiences, we still keep in touch and have fond memories.

“DBF”, as we affectionately called it, no longer exists, so I dedicate this new foodie tour series to its honor.

In this article, I will explore The Warehouse, a fun dive bar located not too far from downtown Yakima.

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When you walk into The Warehouse, you will see a long bar with comfy stools and a cozy decor. You will feel as though you just walked into a friend’s basement (that has been renovated nicely, I might add). Get yourself a beer on tap and order some of their tasty food.

Just about everything they serve is tasty but I especially love their guacamole burgers, nachos and sandwich wraps.

NOTE: The Warehouse doesn’t actually servel lettuce wraps but if you are on a no-bread diet, just order the burger without the bun and wrap everything including the burger inside the lettuce. Voila, it’s now a “sandwich wrap.” The chicken strips are good, too, and they come with fries. My compliments to the chefs in the back.

The servers are extra friendly plus there’s great karaoke hosts on Friday and Saturday nights. The patio at The Warehouse is an awesome place to drink a brew and make new friends every single weekend. If you’re lucky, you’ll be there on open mic comedy night.

DON’T FRET: If you have misplaced your credit card, you can still pay for your tab using the Google Pay app from your updated smart phone. (I found this out the hard way and boy, was it a lifesaver! LOL.)

The Warehouse Sports Bar & Grill

402 S 11th Ave, Yakima, WA 98902

Upcoming Dive Bar Tours will include my reviews of a dive bar in Selah, Washington. Which one would you like me to review:

T & T Lounge
307 S 1st St

T & T LOUNGE in Selah
T & T Lounge via Google Maps

Pastime Burger’s, Brews, and Spirits
125 E Naches Ave

Pastime Burgers, Brews, and Spirits in Selah
Pastime Burgers, Brews, and Spirits via Google Maps

Red Rooster Bar & Grill
519 S 3rd St

Red Rooster Bar in Selah
Google Maps

Tailgaters Bar & Grill
110 E 3rd AVe

Tailgaters Bar in Selah
Tailgaters Bar via Google Maps

Wenas Creek Saloon
115 E Naches Ave

Wenas Creek Saloon in Selah
Google Maps

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