I know the name "Rick" has made it on a Coca-Cola bottle before but I'm not so sure we'll ever see a "Rik" on a bottle. I'm totally bummed about that.

It's almost summer and Coca-Cola has started putting names on the side of Coca-Cola bottles again.

I know I didn't make it on a bottle but did you? I've got an easy way for you to check.

The good news this year is that for the first time ever, there will be first and last names featured according to the Coca-Cola website.

Bottles will feature over 1,000 names including 200 last names.

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Amy Sussman

The hunt is on to find yours but if you are like me and have a unique spelling, you might have to settle on personalizing a bottle yourself from the Coca-Cola website.

They do make great gifts for all occasions -------> Personalized Bottles

If you enjoy a good hunt, good luck and those that want the easy path, just follow the link above.


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