Don't expect any changes in the way schools are operated in Yakima County after the governor on Wednesday announced new school reopening guidelines amid the growing coronavirus pandemic. Officials at the largest district in the valley, the Yakima School District say they don't plan any changes to the current phased-in approach plan. Earlier this year the district started welcoming a small amount of students to return for in-person learning. That's the plan through the end of January even as the governor is urging schools to reopen. District officials say they remain concerned that increasing the number of students on district campuses could impact the health and safety of staff, students and the community.
The lack of change is because county COVID-19 cases continue to grow in Yakima County. According to the governor's reopening plan in counties where COVID-19 cases are “high” like Yakima County it’s recommended that schools should only offer in-person instruction for elementary and high-need students in small groups of 15 students or fewer.

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