Crime isn't as easy as it looks in the movies and on TV!  And not everybody has the nerves and the neurons to make it work.
Here are a couple of examples from our show prep service today.
The first case is a "pillowcase" out of Scotland where a nervous bank robbery somehow forgot to cut eye holes in the pillow case he put on over his head as a mask.  Oh boy.
This Epic Fail lead to all the money in the Bank of Scotland remaining safe and secure while the would-be robber -Matthew Davies- was secured safely behind bars for the next four-and-a-half years.
Closer to home, I mean a lot closer to home, a couple of car thieves discovered that you aren't always what you eat, because after the crime they were eating potato wedges but now they're toast!
Police in Yakima, Washington say a stop for fast food lead to a fast arrest for possession of a stolen vehicle
A couple of people allegedly stole a truck, but during their getaway their hunger for potato wedges apparently got in the way and they stopped to buy some food.
According to a report by KIMA-TV, Police say the stolen truck was later found parked and unoccupied and it was returned to its owner.  The owner did a little "detecting" on his own and he found a receipt inside the cab for potato wedges bought from an area Walmart.
Let the sleuthing continue.  Police used information on the receipt to get surveillance video from Walmart and found images of the man and woman parking the stolen vehicle. Opps. Busted!
Elisabeth Paradis and Erin Dunleavy both had previous arrests for burglary, and Dunleavy now faces a new charge of Possession of a Stolen Vehicle.
What did mom always tell us? 1. don't run with scissors but do properly prepare  2. clean up after yourself and don't let snacks ruin your supper ... or the next 3 to 5 years of your life!

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