Look, if we are being honest here, with all the social distancing going on, (and subsequent isolated snacking) have you put on a few pounds? A lot of us have.  That, coupled with the fact that there is simply no place to go if we did dress up, means that millions of us aren't putting on our favorite jeans even if we could get them on!
Comfort is king, not fashion and that fact has dropped the hammer on the denim industry.

Insidehook is a aggregator website.  They round up all (or some) of what you need to know to live your best life and that include an update on blue jeans.

Indsidehook recently reported with people staying at home for months and dressing for comfort more so than style, denim sales are down big time. Brands like True Religion, G-Star RAW, and Lucky have all recently filed for bankruptcy, while Levi’s had a 62 percent drop in revenue for the second quarter of 2020.

Tiffany Hogan, an apparel analystsays, “People just aren’t wearing jeans right now. They’re living in comfort as much as they can, which is accelerating a trend we were already seeing.”  

Coronavirus, you can make me wear a mask and you can make me stand 6 feet away from my friends but I swear, you will never take my jeans!  We've been together too long and been through too much together.  You might say we're True Blue to each other!



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