Baxter Construction has 25 years in the business of helping people recover from disaster.  I know because they secured and restored my home after a fire back in the mid-2000's.  They did such an amazing job that our home was a hit on the tour of remodeled homes. It was a joy to live in, I hated to leave it and we consider the Baxter's our friends.

They have skill, supplies and technology to deep clean and kill the Coronavirus.
So it didn't surprise me when I heard that Baxter Construction was cleaning police cars, fire trucks, fire stations and more.  For free.  And they aren't done  They are encouraging other first responders to contact them at (509) 359-9597 and they will provide the same service from 1 p, to 4 pm each day this week.
Bryce was on KIT's Morning News today (3/30/20) to explain his generous offer.


The Baxter Construction company, located at 2521 River Road in Yakima,  has another offer for the community.  While they can't clean every surface in Yakima for free they are offering a half price cleaning option ($65) for your personal vehicle.
One last thing.  Non-profits are being hit hard by the shutdowns from Coronavirus.  Fund raisers are cancelled and individual giving is reduced due to layoffs and reduced incomes some of their donors are experiencing.  Baxter is suggesting a "Coronavirus cleaning compromise".  If you are passionate about a charity or particular cause and would like to help them out, Baxter Construction, for a greatly reduced fee, will Coronavirus clean the office and work spaces of that charity.
When you hear people say "we'll all get through this together", this is the kind of All-American thing they are talking about.  Well played Baxter Crew!

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