**After sharp spikes in fertilizer prices in 2022, farmers saw some relief last year as prices stabilized.

With the 2024 Spring planting season approaching, analysts say they’re watching weather issues that could disrupt that and transportation of fertilizers, as well as geopolitics that could impact fertilizer.

Fertilizer Institute economist, Veronica Nigh says last year’s lower prices increased demand for fertilizer, and usage is expected to continue growing, but only 1% or 2%.

Reports Claims California Leads The Nation In The Green Tech Field
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**Growth Energy has submitted comments to the California Air Resources Board regarding its proposed changes to California's low-carbon fuel standard.

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor says, California continues to overlook a significant challenge: decarbonizing millions of internal combustion engine vehicles that will be on the road for decades.

Growth Energy contends the proposal ignores plant-based fuel options, such as ethanol and biodiesel.

Another issue is the third-party audit processes.

Tom Vilsack Testifies At House Hearing On State Of The Rural Economy
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**Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack announced an investment of over $772 million for rural infrastructure projects.

USDA says the new projects will benefit more than one million people in remote areas by providing reliable high-speed internet access, clean, safe water and a range of support for rural communities.

Vilsack says the investments will help us build our economy from the middle out and bottom-up by providing these much-needed amenities.

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