As the sun finally starts to poke its head through the cloud in the Yakima Valley people are trying to figure out what they should do with their day. That's what we're here for, finding fun things for you to do and enjoy the sun.

We made a list of five things you can do while the sun is out, some will be fun others are just some chores you should probably get handled when you have a window of nice weather.

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5.) Head Down to Spanky's Car wash and get Your Car Cleaned

Spanky's is a local car wash in the Yakima Valley with amazing prices and great service. After your car wash, the attendants will wipe it down dry, then you can pull off next to the building and use their vacuums to get those old french fries and candy wrappers your kids left behind...or you left behind, I don't judge.

4.) Enjoy a Stroll around Emil Kissel Park on West Mead ave

Emil Kissel park is a great place to go enjoy some of the sunshine, bring along a picnic, or just let the kiddos hit the playground. No kids? No problem, bring your pets along with you to get outside and enjoy the nice weather.

3.) Head out to the Driving Range and work out some Stress

Westwood West Golf Course not only 9 holes but they also have a driving range for you to really work on that swing. Honestly, I don't think I've found a better stress relief than cracking a few balls out over the field.

2.) Mow your Lawn, or have some kid do it for $30 

Spring is in swing and it's the start of that time of year where we have to cut the grass at least once a week sometimes 2. So why not use a nice sunny day as an excuse to go out, mow and maybe enjoy a cold beer while you're at it. Or hire the neighbor kid to do it and enjoy your beer on the porch.

1.) Have a Yard Sale and get rid of all that stuff from your Spring Cleaning

Finally, a good reason to get rid of your old junk and make some money while doing it. People go bananas for yard sales whether they're hunting for new furniture rare collectibles or just random stuff you think no one would ever want. Another man's junk really is another man's treasure so capitalize while the nice weather is here!

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