If it's in Mashable its got to be true, right?  At a time when Coronavirus keeps us on the sidelines and away from our best friends, more of us are looking into spending time with man's original best friend. And cats too.

Google Trends reported on Wednesday (March 8th) that “search interest in both Dog and Cat reached an all-time high.”  They are almost always popular but now our furred friends have reached a new peak!

Searches for “dog” edged out searches for “cat” (justifiably so) and the top related searchers for both animals was meme related.

Google noted  the phrase “foster a dog near me” reached an all-time search high in the U.S. as well.

In related news, Google Trends now has a whole new section on COVID-19 trends that shows what people are interested in when it comes to the virus.



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