Ron Anderson is in his second term as County Commissioner and is the senior member of the three person collective that runs Yakima County.  He is also a member of the Yakima County Health Board which as he says seems to be getting all the attention of late.

We invited Ron to come on the KIT Morning News radio Show to share his perspective on recent Health Board decisions.

Anderson says he feels the board has pushed back against the limitations and requirements of the Governor's Covid restrictions but he says there is only so much that the board can do.  He says there are laws and rules to follow and he suggests it will take a much greater concentration and a louder voice from the legislature to bring about the kind of changes in the Governor's emergency powers that would allow the Health Board to provide the kind of relief for families who don't want their kids wearing masks.

Anderson says he agrees with the feelings of the those who want their kids to be able to attend a mask-free summer camp but he is also is cautious in wanting to protect the County, Health Board and leaders from legal action by the state.

With its current makeup the Yakima County Health Board appears to be divided 4 to 3 in determining how aggressively to react to Olympia's directives and  Anderson says it would help the County to have a more unified message.

One thing the Commissioner says he is optimistic about is the selection of a new county health officer.  He believes the board has three strong candidates and thinks it's likely one will be named to the position at the June 30th monthly board meeting.


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