By now you would think we would have our routines down with regards to avoiding the Coronavirus --when to wash our hands, how long to wash, proper mask procedures, cleaning surfaces etc.

However cleaning experts are saying some of us aren't doing the surface cleaning in proper sequence.  According to Newser,  just spraying disinfectant around your home isn’t enough to kill the novel coronavirus.

Cleaning experts say that people often skip the first step of a two-step disinfecting process - the most important cleaning step.  If you want to kill Coronavirus, you must use soap and water first to remove clusters of germs, which can resist disinfectants.

Once a surface has been cleaned and then a disinfectant has been applied, experts says you need to allow that disinfectant to do its job—which can take anywhere from 30 seconds to ten minutes—how do you know -- read the label.

The CDC has more tips here.

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