• The People Have Spoken And Lawmakers Actually Listened

  • Legislature Takes Record-Setting Action

  • Common Sense Laws For Parents, Police And Taxpayers

Washington citizens collected enough signatures to send six initiatives to the state legislature and instead of passing them all through to the November ballot, the lawmakers passed three of them this session.  That's never happened before.

Passage Called A Victory For Common Sense

The initiatives don't require the Governor's signature and will become law 90 days after the end of the legislative session scheduled for March 7. The measures are a mixture of the kind of common sense conclusions that shouldn't require state laws to implement.  The parents rights bill allows parents to be more involved in their children's education.  The police pursuit bill fixes the legislature's previous mistake of tying the hands of police in matters of public safety and the taxpayer bill is already established in the state constitution.

None of this should require the time, effort, and the 6 million dollars spent to make this happen.

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Washington Parents Bill Of Rights

Initiative 2081 requires public school materials, such as textbooks, curriculum, and medical records, to be easily available for review by parents. Parents would also be able to opt their child out of assignments or activities involving sex ed or their family’s religious beliefs.

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Greater Flexibility In Determining Police Pursuits

Initiative 2113 gives leeway to pursue suspected criminals by erasing restrictions on when they can undertake vehicle pursuits, undoing the limits put in place in 2021 aimed at reducing the potential for violence and death in police responses.  Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber, R-Republic:

The facts are the people of Washington state are less safe since the body passed this policy. The facts are that the body passed a policy that hurt the people of Washington state,


Tax Preparers Work To Meet Tomorrow's Deadline
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Read My Lips - No New Income Taxes

I-2111 blocks state and local governments from enacting personal income taxes. Washington voters have been asked on 11 separate occasions to adopt a state personal income tax or corporate income tax. Enough is enough!

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Washington Voters Have More Work To Do

While giving the legislature reluctant credit, voters need to know the body didn't clean up all its mess leaving three initiatives on the table for November voters to undo. Previous legislative action including the repeal of the state’s capital gains tax, dumping the Climate Commitment Act, and  making it easier for workers to opt out of Washington’s new long-term care insurance program.

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