Another rise in gas prices this week. The average price of a gallon of regular unleaded in the state Monday is $4.38 a gallon up from $4.30 a gallon last week. But if you live in Yakima the average price is $4.06 per gallon. Want cheaper gas? You'll find the cheapest gas in the state in Wapato where gas is selling for an average of $3.50 per gallon.


Officials at GasBuddy says prices in Yakima are 11.6 cents per gallon higher than a month ago and stand 55.3 cents per gallon lower than a year ago.
The national average price of diesel has fallen 1.6 cents in the last week and stands at $4.15 per gallon.

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The national average price of gasoline has risen 8.8 cents per gallon in the last week, averaging $3.57 per gallon Monday. The national average is up 13.0 cents per gallon from a month ago and stands 52.6 cents per gallon lower than a year ago, according to GasBuddy data compiled from more than 11 million weekly price reports covering over 150,000 gas stations across the country.


"The national average price of gasoline has continued its relatively slow climb, with 44 states seeing average gasoline prices climb over the last week. Prices are being pulled up not only due to continued increases in demand as temperatures warm, but also pressure from oil prices, which have risen over 20% in the last month, primarily driven by OPEC's surprise decision a week ago to cut oil production," said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy. "Expect the upward trend to continue through much of the rest of spring, but once the transition to summer gasoline and refinery maintenance are behind us, April and May jumps could bring June slumps. However, for diesel, the news continues to be good, with the national average price of diesel continuing to drop, now at its narrowest difference to gasoline in over 13 months."


Historical gasoline prices in Yakima and the national average going back ten years:
April 10, 2022: $4.61/g (U.S. Average: $4.10/g)
April 10, 2021: $3.19/g (U.S. Average: $2.85/g)
April 10, 2020: $2.53/g (U.S. Average: $1.84/g)
April 10, 2019: $3.19/g (U.S. Average: $2.79/g)
April 10, 2018: $3.08/g (U.S. Average: $2.66/g)
April 10, 2017: $2.85/g (U.S. Average: $2.39/g)
April 10, 2016: $2.23/g (U.S. Average: $2.04/g)
April 10, 2015: $2.53/g (U.S. Average: $2.40/g)
April 10, 2014: $3.65/g (U.S. Average: $3.61/g)
April 10, 2013: $3.60/g (U.S. Average: $3.57/g)

Neighboring areas and their current gas prices:
Tacoma- $4.32/g, up 6.1 cents per gallon from last week's $4.26/g.
Seattle- $4.48/g, up 3.7 cents per gallon from last week's $4.45/g.
Washington- $4.31/g, up 7.1 cents per gallon from last week's $4.24/g.

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