It's already been a little over a month since the Yakima Valley enjoyed the sights, sounds, tastes, and experiences of the Central Washington State Fair.

Why does this annual 10-day event just seem to get better and better each year? It's because the team at CWSF works year-round to give the community the best experience possible. After a deep breath, and a day or two to rest and reflect, the Central Washington State Fair staff and management get right back to the work of planning next year's fair. That effort has begun, and they need to hear from you.

Take The Central Washington State Fair's Post-Fair Survey

The Central Washington State Fair for 2023 was a rousing success, and it was chock full of everything you've come to expect, as well as some new and exciting things to see, do, taste, hear, and experience. That's no accident because the team makes it a priority to listen to you, the fairgoers, and then deliver on some of the great ideas you provide.

Take, for example, some of the new and delicious food choices you experienced in 2023.

The Krispy Kreme Burgers Were Out of this World!


Pickles on Pizza? Yes Please!

Pickle Pizza at the Central WA State Fair
TSM/John Riggs

Give Fair Feedback, and Win Amazing 2024 Fair Prizes Packages!

Everyone is already feeling the excitement for the 2024 Central Washington State Fair, happening from September 20th to September 29th. The Fair has created a brief survey asking you to share your experiences and memories of the Fair. To encourage participation, they're offering a chance to win fantastic 2024 Fair prizes.

Your feedback matters to the Central Washington State Fair, and this is their way of saying thank you for helping them make the Central Washington State Fair even better. Simply click on the link below to take a quick Fair survey and be entered to win a 2024 Ultimate Fair Package!


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