We're over halfway through the Central Washington State Fair, if you haven't gotten a chance to go you'll wanna check it out before it's over on October 2nd. While we've been visiting the fair we've seen some amazing shows, musicians, hypnotists, and even pro bull riding.

However, there are five things at the fair we're going to miss the most, wouldn't you believe it they're all food. The Central Washington State fair has truly outdone itself this year with entertainment, family fun, and delicious food. So we wanna share with you our top five favorite foods to make sure you get a chance to try them before they're gone until next year.

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5.) Flaming Hot Cheetos Corndog

This corndog blew our socks off, not only was it freshly made and deliciously deep fried but it was also covered in Flaming hot Cheetos. Each bite was a crunchy savory dance on our taste buds with a kick. We didn't think it was possible to make a fair corn dog any better, we were happily mistaken.

4.) Pop Rocks Chicken 

Need to get the kids to eat, or maybe you just love to try new things, you won't go wrong with the Pop Rock Chicken. Little popcorn chicken bites dusted in you guessed it pop rocks. This creates a savory-sweet flavor like we hadn't experienced before, while you're munching down on the delicious chicken bites there's a literal explosion in your mouth with fruity delicious flavors. It may be the new Fries in the Milkshake combo we've been looking for.

3.) Deep Fried Maple Bacon Oreos

We'll never forget where we were when we heard the news, the fair had finally done it, created something so delicious we didn't even know it was possible. We're talking about deep-fried Oreos of course, little did we know that the Central Washington State fair could take a good thing and make it legendary.

These little snacks pack a whole mouthful of flavor with delicious maple and bacon drizzle on top which would be enough to make us happy, but to our surprise, there was an Oreo in the middle just waiting to blow our tastebud's collective minds.

2.) The Pickle Dog

The Pickle Dog sounded quite foreign and strange at first, of course, we've tried pickles on a hot dog, we're not monsters but little did we know the true science the Central Washington State Fair was going through to make this new delicious treat. Imagine a corn dog, but under the fluffy deep-fried bread instead of a corn dog is a pickle, but wait there's more.

Beneath that pickle is none other than a hot dog, every bite was crunchy savory, and absolutely delicious, whether you love your Corndog with mustard, ketchup, or ranch, you name it, nothing can beat the Pickle Corn dog. You'll have to just trust us on this one until you bite into one for yourself.

1.) Flaming Hot Elotes

Sometimes in life you think, this is as good as this is gonna get, we were like that, then we tried the new array of Elotes that the Central Washington State Fair brought in and it blew our minds. Not only did they up the game on Elotes this year, but they also gave us variety, you can go with the old school Elote of course, roasted corn covered in mayo and delicious spices,  or you can try their new Parmasean elote, and elote covered in delicious cheese.

But if you're looking for something with more of a kick to the sweet-savory corn we suggest trying the Flaming Hot Elote. An Elote like we had never tried before, roasted corn, and mayo and rolled in Flaming Hot Cheetos dust, perfect for any spice lover in your life, or you can keep it just to yourself, we won't blame you.

Now head out to the Central Washington State Fair and check out all the amazing other foods they have to offer!


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