Elections 2016

Show Time! President Trump'sabout to take charge on Friday.
The time of Trump is upon us.  Millions of us have wondered for some time what it would be like to have a political outsider, a non-politician in the Whitehouse and now we will find out. The inauguration is Friday and our consultant, businessman, blogger buddy Tim Bryce weighs in on what he thi…
Meet the new boss
This past Saturday, the Yakima County Republican Central Committee held its biennial organizational meeting to examine local party rules, by-laws and to elect a new executive board.  Precinct committee officers who attended voted-in elected the following officers to serve:
Chair: Benine McDonnell
The war on Trump is already in high gear.
Monday is the day the Electoral College will do its thing and cast sufficient votes to make Donald Trump the next president of the United States.  When that happens it won’t be because a flurry of activity wasn’t launched to prevent it from happening...

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