Yakima's homeless camp, called Camp Hope, is on the move this week. The indoor camp on Englewood Avenue is set to close Saturday and reopen on city property near the wastewater treatment plant. Director Andy Ferguson says they need help in moving equipment and tents.

"Especially if they have a truck to move large equipment," he added. "And there's construction work to be done as well."
And because utilities won't be available for a month or more, they also need help with meals. They're looking for donated water for the homeless as well. Call Camp Hope Today at 426-2929.
To allow the city to continue to call the camp temporary the city will require that the camp be vacated every five months for a two-week period so the city doesn't face liability if crimes occur in the camp.
Ferguson says he's working with churches and the Union Gospel Mission for places for people to stay when they close for the two-week period every five months.

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