Caffe 11th Avenue LOVES its customers. So does Kameo Flower Shop and we love our listeners at Newstalk KIT!  Yup, it's a LOVE FEST around here, just in time for Valentine's Day!!!

So here's the deal. Given all this love, we are going to team up with each other for a drawing giving you the chance to win some great Valentine's Day prizes.


For the next two weeks we will be accepting your use of the KIT app to sign up to win.  If you already have the app, you're good to go -- enter by clicking on the button that says "Valentine's Day!"j Or wait for alerts on your app.

If you don't have the app yet, just click HERE for instructions on how to sign up and start enjoying all the benefits of being a KIT app user.

So what's prize? We have four of them!

    • Grand Prize $250 Value
      • A Gift Basket that includes: $150.00 Caffe Gift Card that can be used for Brunch, a future Wine Dinner, or used daily for coffee and lunch.
      • Chocolates, Plush, His and Her T-Shirts
      • A Dozen Roses on Valentines Day
    • First Prize $150 Value
      • A Gift $75.00 Caffe Gift Card & Chocolates
      • A Dozen Roses on Valentines Day
    • Second Prize $100.00 Value
      • A Gift Basket that includes: $50.00 Caffe Gift Card & Chocolates
      • A  Valentines Day Bouquet
    • Third $75 value
      • A Gift Basket & Valentines Day Bouquet
For the next two weeks our Caffe 11th Avenue morning show trivia contest will focus on Valentine's Day and romance and we'll double up with two chances to win each day around 7:11 and 8:11 a.m.
Don't forget to get a reservation for St. Valentine's dinner with guest chef Jessica Smith.
Call (509) 426-2808.

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